Cabling and Bracing

Professional Tree Cabling and Bracing

Give Your Trees Strength With Tree Bracing

If you have a tree that has recently fallen or one with broken, hanging limbs, contact Lee's Tree Service. Tree bracing or cabling services may be necessary to prevent the tree from damaging your home.

Avoid the Risk of Tree Splitting

Trees with weak forks can split and become unstable. Aging and damaged trees are also at the risk of splitting and could cause damage to your property when they fall. Avoid the risk of tree splitting by contacting us. We will add stability to your trees and avoid a catastrophe in the future.

Extend the Life of Your Trees

A recent storm, strong winds, or even decay can cause structural damage to your trees. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on any of our bracing services. If a brace fails, we're available for 24-hour emergency services.
You will appreciate our quick turnaround time. Call us for a FREE estimate on tree cabling. 
Senior citizens and civil workers get 10% OFF (Offers not to be combined with any other offer)
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